As women, we are, more times than not, extra critical of ourselves. Why do we do this? We really can't blame it on anyone or anything. Even if we were raised with love and praise, when we look in the mirror, get on social media, stand in line at the check out while staring at the magazines, or even watching our favorite TV shows and movies, we become weak and self loathe. We need to stand tall, be confident and love ourselves, first, before anybody else will.

Here are three mindsets, or facts, I wish I would have known as a young woman. It would have made life a lot happier and easier for me.

  1. Stop hating compliments. When someone tells you that you're beautiful, say thank you, because they mean it. Learn how to take a compliment. They aren't lying. Stop telling yourself that they are.  Whatever compliment you are given, take it and soak it in!!! Let it feed your mind, breath it in and relax into it, rather then tensing up and debating your worth by telling the person that gave you the compliment and the reasons why you aren't worthy of the gift they just gave you. Stop it!! You deserve every compliment you are given.
  2. Stop hating the very things about you that some women would give anything to have. Stretch marks and extra baby weight are wonderful to women who are unable to have their own children. Lines and wrinkles on your face means that you have lived. Whether laugh lines or wrinkles, you have been lucky enough to feel all that life has to offer. Be thankful that you are alive and feeling. Start focusing on the positive and feeling blessed for what you have been given.
  3.  Stop comparing yourself to others. You don't have to be anything other that who you are. Everyone's got issues. Nobody is perfect. We all have fights with our spouse. Our kids will hate us half the time and make us cry, then love us so much we will cry again. You are human. We all are dealing with stuff. Just because social media makes it look like life is perfect for others, it's no more perfect than your life. A life that is filled with ups and downs, victories and defeats. Love the life you are in! If you can make it better do it. DO it because you want to, not because you want to be like someone else, or have what you THINK someone else has.

And, always remember, no matter what life throws you, you are a woman. That, in itself, makes you pretty damn amazing. xo



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