What do you call a deer with no eyes? A mushroom walks into a bar ... What's brown and sticky? Sure, these aren't the type of jokes you'll find in a comedy club, but there's something to be said about so-bad-they're-good #DadJokes.

Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Thomas Rhett, Darius Rucker were good sports about reading these bad awesome one-liners. You know what dad jokes are, right? Really cheesy jokes that only fathers tell, only to get an eye-roll or a groan from their family? The best kind of jokes, if we're being honest.

There's no shame in it. Justin Moore, Lee Brice and newcomer Adam Craig really embraced these #DadJokes, and they should. As for Rhett — a country star with his second baby on the way in August — he's warming up to it. His joke may not induce a spit take, but we get the feeling he'll keep it in his pocket for later.

Father's Day is Sunday, and many of these stars (like Rhett) will be on the road, perhaps unable to see their children. With FaceTime and Skype, country dads are now just a call away from being able to deliver #DadJokes face to face.

It's a time-honored tradition, cherished by millions of men nationwide. Give 'em a courtesy laugh — they work hard.

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