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What should have been a 10 minute run to the gas station to pick up one thing, ended up taking about 30 minutes and stopping at a couple places.

Here's the situation, it's Saturday at around six o'clock and I was in the market for a Sugar Free Red Bull. I drove down the road to the closest gas station. I was greeted by a friendly sign on the locked door:


I stood there for a few moments, peeked in the windows, and he or she was in fact not around. There was a fella pumping gas, that eventually went through the same situation I did.

I left and went across the street to the other area gas station. As I got out of my car, I watched several people walk to the door and read the sign, only to walk away. I went into the gas station to get my Sugar Free Red Bull, and as I drove away...still no change to the situation.

I guess this was the best course of action for this employee and nature called. I mean, would you rather be locked out for a few moments or walk around the inside for a while looking for the cashier? Perhaps the Taco Bell from the night before was too much to handle. If you think about it, the person took the time to type and print out and tape up the sign before making their way to the bathroom. That's a lot of work. Hope everything worked out.

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