Halloween is upon us, Some cities go above and beyond the call for Holidays when it comes to decorating an frighteningly good  fun. According to Wallet Hub, Americans will spend around 9 billion dollars this year on Costumes, candy and decorations. But you want to make sure you're in the right city with the most activities to make it a memorable Halloween. Wallet hub compiled a list out of the Largest 100 cities in the US and You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Chicago made the top 7. There were several factors that made them come to this conclusion. The amount of costume stores, Halloween party ticket prices, and even trick or treat stops.

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The city that took the "Halloween cake" this year was New York City, Next it was Jersey City, Los Angeles, Irvine California, San Diego, Santa Ana and number 7 was Chicago. Maybe it was the weather we have keeping Chicago out of the top 3. Honorable Mentions include Madison Wisconsin as well as Milwaukee.