Since 1981 the McRib has been the on again off again favorite from McDonalds. The only problem people have with it is availability. Sometimes its just a couple months per year and sometimes we don't see it for a couple years at a time. Shaped like a rack of ribs complete with bbq sauce,onions and pickles on a sesame seed hoagie the McRib is coming back this year and to more locations than ever before. 9,000 to be exact according to Business Insider.

McRib is coming back to some locations
David Paul Morris; Getty Images

This sandwich has a true cult following, people have been known to drive for hours just to get a taste of this hard to find sandwich. To simplify  things this year McDonalds has came up with a McRib locator to make it easy to track down a location nearest you serving this hard to find sandwich. As of right now the closest location to Rockford serving the McRib is in Byron on Union street. We're sure more locations will be popping up soon and we'll keep you McPosted.


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