If you hated the cold temps and spent much of January and February dreaming of summer, you're going to get your wish.

It looks like it's going to be unreasonably hot the rest of the week according to weather.com.

Tuesday is the only day this week temperatures are expected to be in the 80s. For the remainder, we can expect at minimum 91 degrees all the way up to 99 on Friday.

There should be some chance to cool off though, as there are expected rainy periods on Wednesday and Friday. Should be warm even with the rain, but the part that's really worth noting is the dew point according to Wunderground isn't completely unbearable.

You know that sticky feeling you get in Illinois in the summer? The one where your shirt glues to your body because it's so hot? Well, the dew point forecast doesn't seem too bad for the rest of the week.

The dew point shouldn't get any higher than 72 says Wunderground.

People say a dew point over 75 makes for uncomfortable weather. Considering it should be just under it, should make a fun (but hot) summer week.

Regardless, we should enjoy the temps while they last. You know winter is just sitting there biding its time, waiting for the right time to get back into our lives.

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