It's easy to open your emails and get scammed, and this Amazon scam is a big one, so watch out.

The holiday season is truly the perfect season for email scammers.

We are all shopping online trying to get the best deal, which means we're giving out our credit card information almost every day.

So when you think you're getting an email from Amazon Prime asking you to correct your credit card info and the email looks pretty legit, you do it, because you're busy and don't want to lose your Prime status when shopping season has just begun.

But this email is not legit.

I know, it looks very official! But, it's not, and you and I both know that if you have an account like Prime, or Netflix or anything like this sort of subscription, you don't just get random emails.

So be cautious, be smart and investigate! So thankful for all of the people who share these scams so we can get the word out.

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