Congratulations to Chicago Blackhawk fans everywhere as the celebration continues with the NHL Lord Stanley Cup. The greatest trophy of all, weighing in at 35 pounds, has been through some wild celebrations. Here are a few of the things done to the Stanley Cup in celebrations.


Now that the Chicago Blackhawks have won the incredible Lord Stanley Cup Trophy for the NHL Championship for a third time, the cup will travel from player to player for a day and then some. Here are just a few of the stories according to that the cup has been through.

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images

It has been used to baptize the daughter of player Sylvain Lefebure in 1996

It was used to burn home mortgages in it, and then the players had to put the fire out with their own urine in 1941 by a few of the New York Rangers.

It went golfing with Mark Messiner in 1982

Clark Gillis filled the top of the Stanley Cup with dog food so that his best friend, his dog, could join in the celebration with a meal.

It was damaged when Craig Ludwig and Guy Carbonneau had a pool party and decided to toss the cup from the balcony of the house into the pool in 1999. They missed the water and hit the concrete deck around the pool.

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images

No matter how players and management celebrate with the cup, it is still a piece of history. The most coveted trophy in sports is still writing it's own history.

Again, way to go Hawk! Let the celebration continue.