Ride the C.T.A? Well this might surprise you, the voice you hear through the bus and train speakers that warns you that the "doors are opening" is a Cheesehead. Actually, he is an actor from Milwaukee by the name of Lee Crooks. His job is to also to deliver the bad news during a delay.

The voice announces:

  • Next stop, "State Street"
  • Randall and Wabash is next
  • where to transfer
  • He warns you not to gamble

Millions know his voice, but few know his name.

This is Lee Crooks, he's 53-year old the voice of the CTA.

DNAINFO reports that he's done commercials for Sears, Pillsbury, Chevrolet among others — Crooks had shied away from being known as the voice of the CTA until recently.

If you have boarded Disney's Monorail you heard a similar voice. Crooks scored the gig by simulating Disney World monorail voice.

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