What's for lunch today?

After having a hectic weekend of cleaning, running the kids to soccer and getting laundry done, you ran out of time to prepare any meals; so the the plan as of right now is to hit up a drive thru; but which one?

You only get an hour over lunch, if you're lucky, and if you do go out for lunch, you spend at least 45 minutes of that time waiting for your food, but you digress; a girl's gotta eat- even if it's behind the wheel.

According to USA Today, the average amount of time you spend in the drive thru has increased by 40 seconds in just a year. When you're hungry and pressed for time, that 40 seconds can feel more like 40 hours.

If you don't have an extra 40 seconds to spare, you might want to skip these seven restaurants in the Rockford that have the slowest drive thrus; and this has nothing to do with who's serving your food, these places are known for making your food and drinks fresh; plus they're just that popular.

What's the longest amount of time you've waited in a drive thru and where?

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