For New Milford, Illinois being such a small village, there is a lot of reported paranormal activity. One of the hot spots being New Milford Cemetery on New Milford School Road. I've driven by that cemetery thousands of times seeing as I grew up in New Milford, living there until I was 21 and then again for a few more years. I can tell you every single time I passed that cemetery I had an eery feeling. One car-ride, in particular, stands out by I nearly hit a man in the middle of the road directly in front of New Milford Cemetery's entrance. I swerved, regained control, looked in my rearview mirror and he was gone. Unless he was an Olympic sprinter, I should have been able to see him. There is decent lighting around that corner.

I may have Thorne Debrow (sp?), according to Kathy Kresol, author of Haunted Rockford.

There's another cemetery about 25 minutes away in Flora township near Belvidere, Bloods Pointe Cemetery. It's also a place you don't want to play around with and there are also trespassing signs posted throughout the entire area.

Have a safe Halloween.

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