You might have meetings, a lunch date and a workout on your schedule today, but you also need to update your iPhone.

Remember a few months ago when we told you how your iPhone was recording your voice and face before you answered a FaceTime call?

That's just one of the 51 security flaws that Apple is fixing for you today when you update your software.

WGN-TV is reporting that after their big announcement earlier this week (including Apple TV+), that Apple has an update for all of us that will fix 51 security problems.

Is anyone else concerned we only previously knew about one of these security flaws?

I am a Millennial though, so I mean I hear security flaw and I think, yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who can access my life, whatever.

But Apple isn't taking the 'whatever' approach, nope they're fixing the bugs.

The software is iOS 12.2 and it took me about six minutes to complete the update earlier this morning.

When I updated, eight of my apps needed to update as well, and I didn't really notice much else, but hey, I feel more secure, right?

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