Talk about getting great grades. Both of these Illinois universities both received an A+ when it comes to being excellent schools to attend.

Before I go any further, you should know I have a son a few years away from school, so my interest in colleges might be at an all-time high.


That's why when I saw this info come up from Niche I thought it might be a good idea to share the news with you.

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Niche either continuously updates or publishes a new article yearly regarding the top colleges in America:

The Best Colleges ranking is based on rigorous analysis of academic, admissions, financial, and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education along with millions of reviews from students and alumni. The ranking compares more than 1,000 top colleges and universities in the U.S. This year's rankings have reduced the weight of ACT/SAT scores to reflect a general de-emphasis on test scores in the college admissions process.

That last line is something I have noticed more and more. While the ACT/SAT is still important for placement, there are soooo many other factors when it comes to getting into school.


If you want to get into these two Illinois colleges, you'll need more than a good test score.

The three best schools in America are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Stanford University. All three are prestigious schools with very high standards.


Not far down the list is Illinois' best college, ranked #14, Northwestern University.

Niche ranks Northwestern as the #1 school in America for Communications and Performing Arts. Here's the rub, only 9% of applicants get accepted into Northwestern.

One spot down, at #15, is the University of Chicago.

Niche calls Chicago University the third best college in America for Public Policy and Economics.

If you thought the acceptance rate at Northwestern was low, you'll be shocked to find out that only 6% of applications will be approved for enrollment at the University of Chicago.

Long story short, both schools are some of the best in the US, but getting in is very difficult.

If you do manage to get accepted to either school though, be prepared, it'll be the best education you can get in Illinois.

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