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Corndogs, funnel cakes, carnival rides, and three balls for a dollar to win your Led Zeppelin mirror...the Stephenson County Fair is back! WREX

The Stephenson County Fair was cancelled in 2020 because of the pandemic, but puking your guts out on the Tilt-a-Whirl is a go in 2021. The Stephenson County Fair will run July 27-31. Back will be the livestock exhibits, over 20 rides, and rude ass carny's to taunt you and your kids while you drink a $10 Lemon Shake Up.

New to the Stephenson County Fair this year is a "Lumberjack" show and mobile axe throwing. No word if the axe throwing will win you a Motley Crue shirt or a giant stuffed animal. Oh there will also be an "Escape room" at the 2021 Stephenson County Fair, there are so many carny jokes I could use here but I'll be good...

If you are interested in being an exhibitor at the 2021 Stephenson County Fair, you can go to FAIRENTRY to get more info. Maybe you have a pet pig, you raise sheep, you can excel in wood working, maybe you listen to a lot Prince and have an obnoxiously loud and fake laugh...Whatever your passion or skill set, it's fair time again and the Stephenson County Fair is back!

For an updated schedule and list of daily events at the 2021 Stephenson County Fair, you can go to StephensonCountyFair to details and all the fair information.

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