Naming babies is always fun, naming baby penguins is like a thousand times more fun.

First, total side note. I have a really tough time spelling penguins. I'm going to keep using spell check, but just know this is taxing.

These two little penguins are ready for names!

They were previously being called Chick 420 and Chick 421 but now that they aren't newborns anymore, they're ready for real names.

You must be a Shedd Aquarium member in order to vote for their names. I think my sister is, so if you tell me your favorite name, I will tell her to vote for it.

The choices are:

  • Calista and Carmen – for Isla Calista, Falkland Islands and Carmen, Argentina
  • Loma and Lively – for Punta Loma, Argentina and Lively Isle, Falkland Islands
  • May and Maile (MY-lee) – for Chilean islands
  • Rosie and Reina (RAY-na) – for Rosario, Argentina and Reina, Chile
  • Sara and Solis (SO-leese) – for Puerto Sara, in the Magellan Strait and Solis Islands, Buenos Aires

I'm torn between the May names and the Rose names.

Thank you spell check.

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