One of my biggest pet peeves while driving is when I see people refuse to pull over for emergency vehicles with flashing lights. To me, it is downright selfish. We all lead busy lives, but the place you are trying to get to cannot be more important than someone else's some respect and pull over!

Apparently there are way more selfish people in Illinois that I thought because people are still violating Scott's Law, a.k.a., the "Move Over" law, and some lawmakers think additional penalties may finally get the point across.

WREX reports;

Rep. Janet Yang Rohr (D-Naperville) is sponsoring a proposal to add community service as a punishment if you break the law. The Democrat stressed this bill would not take away the current penalties.

I don't know about you, but I have more time than I have money, so I really don't want to pay a $250 fine because I was trying to get where I need to be just a few minutes quicker.

Rep. Yang Rohr said in a statement;

For some people writing that $250 check may not be enough,” said Yang Rohr. “But maybe taking away their Saturday’s will get them to really think and really emphasize the need for them to proceed with caution.

I truly hope she is right.

Yang Rohr's proposal also emphasizes the need for drivers to slow down and pay attention to emergency vehicles according to WREX.

Stay alert, pull over, and keep everyone safe, Illinois...PLEASE!

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