If you were listening to the "Wake Crew Up" you probably heard Steve mention a new delicacy in Japan of Deep Fried Maple Leaves.  As strange as that seems did you know we here in America deep fried some strange things too?

Take a look at this list from Kitchenette.com of the most ridiculous deep fried foods.

This list was complied from the deep fried foods that were made and sold at state fairs from around the country.

Fried Butter - It's exactly what you think. A whole stick of better deep fried in a cinnamon spiced batter.

Fried Pig Ears - I think that is self explanatory.

Fried Beer - Yep, exactly. Beer and deep fried things always go together. so why not deep fry it into a ravioli type batter.

Fried Kool-Aid

Fried Ice Cream Cheeseburger - Say What? A deep fried scoop of ice cream is slapped on top of a cheeseburger as one of it's condiments.

Fried Salsa - Salsa is made into balls and deep fried.

Fried Bubble Gum - Not actual gum, but bubble gum flavored marshmallow that's deep fried then iced.

Fried Jelly Beans

Fat Elvis on a Stick - This made me laugh at it's name, but it's actually peanut butter, bacon and chocolate dipped in a banana batter and fried.

Fried Alligator on a Stick - They say it tastes just like pork.

Deep Fried White Castle Burgers - Mmmm... Sliders are good to deep fry them even better.

Deep Fried Sugar Cubes

Fried Scorpions

Click here for the complete detailed list and the origins of what state deep fry's these crazy items.

Would you try any of these fried creations? Better yet what fried foods have you tried that aren't mentioned on this list?