In case you forgot, Valentine's Day is Wednesday.

You should probably get your significant other something.

I got myself a bottle of wine.

Surprisingly, wine is not on the list of the top five Valentine's Day gifts in Illinois, but our state did  end up with a pretty decent top five.

According to, the top five Valentine's Day gifts in Illinois are the following: Roses, Chocolates, Flower Bouquet, Diamond Earrings and Diamond Bracelet.

Those seem pretty legit.

What makes me laugh is the list of gifts in Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, Wyoming and Hawaii.

Iowa's 5th most popular Valetine's Day gift is Oreos, which sounds amazing, but not very Valentine's.

Mississippi's 3rd most popular gift is a chocolate diamond ring...

Nebraska's 4th most popular gift is one single gummy bear. Ok I'm sure it's more, but it's listed as 'gummy bear.'

Wyoming's 3rd most popular gift is a cutting board.

Finally, Hawaii's 4th most popular gift is a vacuum. Which unless your Valentine, specifically asks for a vacuum, I wouldn't buy that for him or her.

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