Christmas 2018 is officially over. We gave. We received. We ate till we couldn't move. But the biggest debate of Christmas still stands, is it more satisfying to give or receive? Sure we all THINK we know, but according to scientists, there is only one right answer. So, which do you think it is, giving or receiving?

Turns out that in the long run ...

Giving gifts gets our hearts going just a little more than receiving gifts. Looks like humans are naturally good hearted people! Sure you can still love getting presents, but scientifically, it won't give you that fuzzy feeling of giving someone you love something.

So how did they test this? According to Bustle -

In one experiment, they gave students $5 a day for five days and they had to spend the money on the same thing/things every day. Of those participants, some were randomly picked to give to others. Meaning that their money would go in a tip jar or to a charity or something similar. At the end of every day, post spending, the participants would talk about how their day was and how happy they felt. The data from the 96 participants showed a marked difference in the happiness of the givers than the takers. The happiness didn't seem to fade for those who were giving their cash away.

Tis the season of giving am I right!

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