The Chicago Cubs are hot this season and favored to be in the World's Series, but they've recently claimed another world title as the "World's Largest Flip Cup" game.




DNA Info reports, that over 200 fans signed up to participate last Friday. Right after the Cubs  swept the Diamondbacks, the fans were brought down to center field  to "competitively drink and flip plastic cups in a row".

Fans were split into two teams led by team captains Jason Hammel and David Ross, and drank water, sorry no booze on the filed, while flipping the plastic hefty cups. The flip-Cup game raised $40,000 for charity. Ross's team brought in $30,000 and will donate the winnings  to foundations that are "led by his Cubs teammates Jon Lester and Anthony Rizzo, the Cubs said. Hammel will donate his $10,000 share to the Cub's Diamond Project,which builds baseball fields in disadvantaged areas."

Overall, it was a win-win situation. The Cubs broke the earned the title of the World's Largest Flip Cup Game, and several charities won as they will benefit from the funds that were raised.

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