This is one strange looking cup! Would you drink a beer from a  cup with a hole in the bottom? The Rockford area has an all new way to quench it's thirst for beer.

Have you heard of "Bottoms Up" technology? It's a cool new 'hands-free' to way fill:

  • glass pints
  • pitchers
  • disposable cups

Not too many bars have this in the Rockord area, but I did find one bar that is doing this in Loves Park. The newly renovated Tavern at the Sahara, 7300 Forest Hills Rd, has installed the new bottoms up technology. Here's how it works...

So get this, you get your beer faster and less foam is produced. Here is the bottoms up beer dispenser in action at Tavern at the Sahara.

People describe it as the "perfect pour." Tavern at the Sahara says their Bottoms up dispenser is the

Only one of these for hundreds of miles. Bottoms up!

I'm gonna have to check this out in person . In fact, you can join me and Q98.5 at Tavern at the Sahara for a live broadcast on Tuesday July 18th from 7-9pm. We'll be giving away Country Thunder tickets and having lots of fun.

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