With all this pretty white stuff on the ground it's perfect weather for sledding. The are a few great spots to go sledding here is town if you get the urge. According to Rockford Park District, There are 3 good parks here around town to get your sled on. First Twin Sisters Park off Harney Ct. The second good park for sledding is Aldeen Park but you can only sled on the north side of the dam. The 3rd good spot for sledding is Sand park.

Sledding in Rockford
Dejan Ristovski, ThinkStock

But Just remember to be careful, and young kids really need to have an adult present to supervise. And as always you are sledding at your own risk. Here are a couple of other Sledding tips to keep you safe. Always make sure to bundle up and dress warm, protect your head because no one likes a bump on the old noggin, Make sure the hill isn't too steep and try to sled during the daytime so you can see the obstacles in your path.

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