Fans can expect new music from the Band Perry on Thursday night. The trio shared the news on Twitter and Instagram, posting new black and white photos of them dressed in black leather. It's a tough new image that was revealed after they deleted all previous tweets and Instagram images.

This should sound familiar. Last summer they promised Aug. 1 was "Comeback Day" and began anew with a pinkish box photo (this time it was a black box). Eventually, they released "Comeback Kid," a response to doubters and haters in the wake of their departure from Big Machine Music Group and (improperly reported) rumors they were set to transition to pop music.

Very little information about the new song was made available anywhere. The sibling trio are signed to Mercury Nashville and Interscope Records. It's a joint partnership that allows them pursue opportunities touring abroad, they told Taste of Country.

“Folks were freaking out for a half-minute, like, ‘Interscope, is that a pop label?!” Kimberly Perry said last summer. “Here’s what people forget, we were signed to Republic Nashville originally. The reason that we did that deal was so that our partner in New York, Republic, could take songs like ‘If I Die Young’ after they grew up at country to the rest of the world."

“It’s really no different than it’s been already,” Neil Perry added.

What the Band Perry's next move is anyone's guess. The color white unified them during the promotional push for "Comeback Kid" and prior to that, there were bursts of yellow at every turn for "Live Forever," a pop-friendly track that peaked inside the Top 30 on country airplay charts in 2015. The visual elements have always been an important part of their presentation, so while this new shift is dramatic it doesn't necessarily mean a dramatic shift in their music. Will we be seeing more of Kimberly's midriff and will Neil and Reid continue to look like they've joined the most posh biker gang ever? It's not clear.

As for deleting their Twitter and Instagram posts? Neil Perry masterminded that last summer, dumping Twitter with the push of a button but spending hours on Instagram. There were fewer photos to delete individually this time. Last time there were 1,200.

“People thought accounts were getting hacked and things were going down,” Reid told ToC. “It was fun.”

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