Here's a great story of a man using his many skills to bring a Rockford charity's mission to as many people as possible. His efforts haven't gone unnoticed.

Brian Lyngaas, of Machesney Park, may very well be the biggest advocate for the Nikolas Ritschel Foundation. Brian is officially the second Q98.5 Hometown Hero who has a hand in Nik's Wish. After you've read the nomination submission you will agree.

Brian was nominated by  Kelli Ritschel Boehle.

I had the pleasure of working with Brian in my very first corporate job back in the late 90's. He was amazingly organized and a fantastic technical writer. It was at a company Cubs game that he first met my son, Nik. Our lives went different directions until I reached out to see if he would consider volunteering for Nik's Wish.


For the last 4 years, Brian has given his talents above and beyond any volunteer that we have ever had at Nik's Wish. He has been instrumental in driving our promotions for events as well as for the Foundation in general. His power of the pen has helped us spread the word and convince new donors to give generously. You will find him at every event -- from Galentines Day, to being our "butt runner" at Nothing Butt Smiles Pork Butts, to ensuring all of our participants are COVID safe at Nik's Home Run.


He uses his creativity to help us design our event shirts, fun videos and his new skill grant writing. His tenacity and belief in the mission is inspiring to me. He finds a way to contribute in every way possible. He is always happy to share ideas and pushes us in new directions so that we will grow. Even with the craziest of ideas, like making a 16 foot wish lamp, he gladly joins in to make the work fun (even when it is not really that fun!).


He truly believes in our mission and joins me in believing that we are getting a bit of help from heaven along the way. Not only does he share his talents, but he also financially supports our cause. We are truly blessed to have Brian part of our life and a key member of our Nik's Wish team.

As a Q98.5 Hometown Hero, Brian will receive a $100 Amazon gift card thanks to Gustafson's Furniture & Mattress. Although we're certain he won't spend it on himself, whatever he uses it for will bring joy to someone, and that's what life is all about.

You can nominate your Hometown Hero HERE.

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