Rockford's Capri Restaurant is considering opening a temporary location following the fire that destroyed its original building along E State Street back in October 2022.

The Future of Rockford's Beloved Capri Restaurant

The hearts of residents all over Rockford broke a little when Capri Restaurant broke out in flames on October 27, 2022, and many feared this would bring the official end to one of our city's favorite pizza places. Thankfully, that's not the case, but rebuilding the restaurant space may take a bit longer than anyone would like.

Q98.5 photo
Q98.5 photo

The owner of the Capri Restaurant, Vito Grisanzio Jr., recently told the Rockford Register Star;

it is his desire to re-open the business at its downtown location, but how long that will take and how much it will cost is still undetermined.

Grisanzio also said that crews are still assessing the building's damage and working with insurance to determine the extent of the repairs needed. However, he is determined to get the restaurant back up and running as soon as possible.

So, how long will it be until we can devour some of Capri's delicious pizza again? At least a year IF Capri's owner waits until the building repairs are complete but much less than that if he decides to move forward with opening a temporary location somewhere in the Rockford area.

Possibilities for Capri Restaurant's Temporary Location

Before your mouth starts drooling over the reopening of Capri Restaurant coming soon, please know that no specific location for the temporary restaurant has been found yet so it may still take a while.

Grisanzio told the RRStar he is considering "a smaller place, just to get our name back out there. Just for us to be doing something again."

How Can We Help Get Capri Restaurant Back On Their Feet?

Many Rockford residents have expressed support and love for Capri Restaurant on social media since the fire took place in October, but now it is time for us to put some money when our mouths are.

Yackle Tees & Custom Apparel in Loves Park is currently offering a special "We Will Be Back" t-shirt to help raise money for Capri Restaurant's rebuilding effort.

These shirts will only be available for purchase through Sunday, January 15, 2023, so you better click this link and get one of your own RIGHT NOW!

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