After a long day at work, stopping off to pick up toilet paper, shower cleaner, deodorant, and all those boring but necessary items sounds terrible.  Would pushing your your cart around while sipping your favorite brew make it more bearable?

Well get this, Target is in the process bringing their first ever bar to a Chicago store.

According to, "the Minnesota-based grocery chain recently applied for a liquor license for its soon to be new store in Streeterville- 401 E. Illinois St.,city records show. If approved, the bar would be the first across the Target chain."

Wow! Think about that. If it happens in Chicago, you know it will only be a matter of time before it comes to Rockford. The East street store already has a liquor department, what's to stop them from adding on a bar? I'm mean really... not much. That's just my personal opinion.

I don't know how I feel about that. In way it seems kind of frivolous, but I don't think it would stop me from shopping at target.

What do you think? If the Target's here in the stateline added a bar to their establishments would you shop their? Would you try out their bar?