Here's something fun to brighten up your day.

At least, you might get a little chuckle or smile from it.

Take this quiz and find out which of Santa's reindeer are you?

Think about your personality traits. If you were one of Santa's reindeer who do you thik you'd be?

I figured I'd be Cupid. The forever romantic.

I was wrong. According to this quiz I'm Rudolph: I'm a natural but somewhat reluctant leader with a unique style that never goes unnoticed!

Thank God it has nothing to do with my nose. HA! I think I'd have a complex issue then.Haha!

The funny thing about this quiz it is true. I am a leader even when there's times I try not be, somehow it always turns around that I become the leader.

Which one are you?

Take the quiz: Which Reindeer are you?