Ok, guys you know me, I can't resist taking those darn quizzes on facebook.

Even better when it's a quiz on cooking.

Can you answer these basic cooking questions?

Here's a couple of the questions it asks.

1. When grilling where does the heat source come from?

2.  True or False: Pan- frying is to submerge food in enough fat to a hot pan so that the fat comes up about half an inch up the side of the pan.

My culinary skills were tested and my result was as follow:

Master Chef

You did very well and you sure know about cooking! Gordon Ramsey would be very proud of you. Maybe it's time for you to get on the MasterChef TV show to see if you can win $250,000!

I guess that's not surprising since I love to cook. Although Gordon Ramsey scares me. Too bad Jeff Smith, the Frugal Gourmet, wasn't still alive. I'd rather meet him.

Test your cooking knowledge and see where you land.