It's now August, and that tends to be the time when kids bring out their top-notch stir craziness after they've been out of school for almost 2 months. Factor in a pandemic that caused nearly a six month summer break, and we're dealing with levels of stir-craziness that are completely off the charts.

My point here is this; kids are bored with their toys. They are board with their games. They have watched all their movies, and parents are fighting an unending battle to keep their kids off electronics 24/7. We NEED new things to do with our kids, and thankfully, the Byron Public Library and Byron Forest Preserve just gave us one!

According to WIFR, the Byron Public Library and Byron Forest Preserve just introduced two different "StoryWalks" to take your family on this summer.

So, what exactly is a StoryWalk? Byron Public Library's head of youth services, Julie Reckamp recently told WIFR;

It’s just like reading a book. You just have to walk to each page, So, it’s sort of a fun thing for your child, like where’s the next page, what’s the next part of the story

As I mentioned earlier, two StoryWalks have been installed at the Byron Forest Preserve. One for older kids on the Indigo Trail, and one for younger kids can be found at Heritage Farm Museum. To see where these two trails are specifically, go to

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