It's the second shooting in three days on Auburn Street. This time it happened at Taco Bell. According to WIFR, A 25-year-old man was murdered and a 37-year-old woman was injured in a shooting that occurred in the Taco Bell parking lot on Auburn street Tuesday night at around 9:45 pm. Police reported that both victims were in their vehicle when the incident took place. They were rushed to the hospital but the man didn't make it. The female sustained a serious injury but it was not life-threatening.

Mario Villafuerte, Getty Images

Rockford's Chief of police said that they are currently looking at the surveillance footage to get an idea of the suspects and to find out exactly how things went down. This area of town has been a hotspot for crime here lately. Last Sunday morning a 37-year-old woman was murdered at a Citgo on Auburn Street and the Beef-A-Roo on Auburn next to Taco Bell was vandalized Last Friday. No suspects have been charged as of yet but just like the old saying: 'if you see something say something.' As soon as any updates are made in the case we will definitely let you know.