This is such a cool, inspiring and easy way to support our veterans.

You can do it by leaving a green light on for them.


I've recently saw a couple ads about this and I did a little digging to find that "Greenlight a Vet" is a real cause and it's such an easy way for us to show our support for returning veterans and a huge way to encourage them and thank them for their service to our country just by leaving a green light on for them.

Whether it's replacing a porch light with a green bulb, or a lamp in your house or one of those window candles, I absolutely think this is a cause we can all get behind to show our veterans our love and support for them.

To learn more about Greenlight a Vet, click here.

With Veterans Day just around showing our support for our veterans and those currently serving in the military is really important.  Q98.5 is proud to be a part of "Townsquare Cares for Military Families."

Townsquare Cares is a non-profit organization that betters the lives of troops and their families 24/7, 365 days a year.

Now through Veterans Day, you can show your support to our soldiers and their families by making a cash donation of any size. Any and all donations are appreciated. Townsquare Cares will "then put everyone’s donations together and get money to families of actively deployed troops — right here in our listening area – to help those families have a brighter, easier holiday season.

If you'd like to learn more about Townsquare Cares, want to nominate a military family or  make a donation, click the button below.