The next time you feel overheated outdoors this summer, DO NOT reach for a drink of ice-cold water!

The Little-Known Danger of Drinking Ice-Cold Water


It's August in Illinois, and that usually brings super warm and muggy weather. If you have to spend time outdoors this week, there's one thing I need you to promise me; if you're feeling overheated, DO NOT GULP A BOTTLE OF ICE COLD WATER!

I know you're thinking I'm crazy for telling you not to drink ice-cold water on a hot summer day, but hear me out for a second...

You know when you eat really cold ice cream too fast and you get an ice cream headache? Well, gulping down ice-cold water when your body is overheated will cause the same thing, but on a far more dangerous level!

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5 Ways Drinking Ice-Cold Water Can Be Harmful To Your Body

According to NDTV Food, there are five major reasons you should not drink chilled water in the summer:

  1. It restricts digestion - Super cold drinks will contract your blood vessels, which will restrict digestion as your body focuses only on getting your body temperature back to normal
  2. It can give you a sore throat - Gulping cold drinks can cause a build-up of mucus resulting in a sore throat and stuffy nose more often.
  3. It inhibits the breakdown of fats - Drinking chilled water just after you eat can solidify the fats from the foods you have just consumed, which will make it tough for your body to break down unwanted fats.
  4. It can decrease heart rate - Drinking ice water can stimulate the vagus nerve. which mediates the lowering of heart rate.
  5. It shocks your body - If you're overheated and drink ice-cold water, the mismatch of temperatures can shock your body and cause a multitude of symptoms like stomach pain, nausea, and even loss of consciousness.

What to Drink Instead of Ice Water?

Water is one of the only things I drink, so there is no dang way I would ever give it up. But,  if drinking ice-cold water could be dangerous, what should we drink instead? The answer is easy; cool or room-temperature water. I promise the water will still be refreshing without a ton of ice cubes in it...and you won't get that dreaded brain freeze.

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