Here is the stupidest thing I found on the web all week, or maybe I should say the stupidest person. Who really thinks "maybe I should slap a bear today?"

It's called "Redneck Tag," and this video baffles me for several reasons, and I am not sure which is the worst.

  1. The idiot is hitting an animal and thinks the stupidity is funny and awesome.
  2. I thought this was taking place at a landfill until he says it's his backyard, which he seems very proud of.
  3. There are not one, but two, toilets just hanging out in his "backyard."
  4. The noise the slap makes.
  5. That the bear didn't slap him back, or at least chase him.



In summary, it takes some kind of stupid to slap a bear. I hope he remembers that "karma's a b*%#$."

Have a great weekend!