When it comes to talking about the worst intersection, everyone has an opinion. As someone still relatively new to Rockford, I've already discovered mine. Spring Creek by Parkview and Highcrest. If I need to turn onto Parkview, there's always someone going straight to turn on Highcrest or it seems like I always just miss the light over there.

Plus you've got people turning from the left lane off of Parkview who want to be in the right lane on Spring Creek. I go through that intersection quite often and I don't know if I can recall a time everything went my way.

That's how residents in Rockford feel about the intersection of Hwy 251 (11th Street) & Baxter Road. After the collision involving an Amazon semi, many are wondering if they will install traffic lights at the intersection. According to WTVO, that intersection has had four major accidents in the last six months. Because it's a state highway, IDOT has to be a part of the solution. Residents and drivers must wait for them to get involved.

What is the worst intersection in the Rockford area? Tell me in the comments below.

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