You ever just have one of those days? Where no matter what you do, everything goes wrong. From spilling your morning coffee to tripping on the sidewalk you just can't catch a break.

Sometimes it gets to the point where you just have to own the fact that you're having a bad day. Need an example?

Credit Shaneka Smith VIA Facebook
Credit Shaneka Smith VIA Facebook

Our listener family member hilariously captioned the photo -

Meanwhile on E. State. What’s so funny is I tried to tell him that it was hanging out his car..he just drove off. #MONDAYS

I'm just going to assume this person was having one of those days. He had a little tussle with the gas pump and after losing, he just rode out the loss.

Sometimes you've just got to own it. Props to this person honestly.

I hope they have a better Tuesday. LOL.

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