Anyone else been busy cleaning out closets during the quarantine only to discover you pretty much have nothing left to wear that you actually like? I desperately need to do some summer clothes shopping that includes me in a dressing room and not using a mouse and an secure online checkout, so you can only imagine the joy I felt when this email arrived in my inbox yesterday....

old navy

Kid you not, I have about 10 items sitting in my online cart at, but haven't purchased them yet because I was waiting to actually go check them out in person. Now that this time is officially here, what can we expect when we arrive at the store? says all employees will wear face masks, practice social distancing and wash/sanitize hands frequently. Stores have also increased cleaning and sanitation efforts, put safety guards up at registers and reduced store hours.

Old Navy isn't the only store that has officially reopened in the Rockford area. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods, Kohl's, Carter's are just a few I personally know are open and ready to serve you. Most, if not all of these stores, are operating under revised hours, so it's best to check their website or call ahead before you go get some shopping therapy.

See y'all at Old Navy this weekend. I promise I'll be smiling under my face mask when I see you.

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