As more and more visitors travel to Starved Rock, that's more and more footsteps that are causing problems to the trails, pathways, stairs, and more of the park. With the park being free to the public, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain the park. That's why Senator Sue Rezin is looking to change that.

Rezin has previously proposed a small parking fee for visitors according to WTVO. As someone who recently spent the last 6 years near two national parks, I think a small parking or small entry fee wouldn't be a bad idea. Even if it was just a dollar a person or $2 a car, they are on pace for 2.4 million visitors this year alone, the money adds up quickly.

Plus as more and more developments are going up, it's important to preserve these gems we have so generations can enjoy them as well. Rezin lost by one vote last time for an entry fee, hopefully this time something can be done to preserve the park for years to come.

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