A new type of farming is being suggested for Boone County.

It's the building of solar farms. Is it right for the county?

WIFR reports that there's been a discussion by the Boone County board of bringing solar farms to the area.

In fact, there are three companies eyeing the luscious farmland to fund solar farm at "nearly $1,000 an acre for 20 years."

Wow! Now that's a lot of dough to be floating into the county not to mention our cash-strapped state.

Many, including farmers, are concerned about what it will do to our landscape. instead of seeing green lush fields of grass, soybeans corns, etc... that land will be dotted with dark rows of solar panels.

Ok, yeah I can see that. It would look kind of weird in a way.

Plus they're also concerned with what these farms will do to property values and even the water it will use.

Oh, you know I didn't even think about that.

Now that wouldn't be good if it negatively impacted either of those. Hmmm..

Several "Boone county board members say this would be a great way to help make money. County leaders say this is part of a push by the state through the Illinois Power Agency Act. This act is hoping to grow green energy in the state overall."

Well more money and being less fossil fuel dependent and energy efficient is a plus, However, the changes to our landscape, property value and even possibly our water is a concern for me.

What are your thoughts? Is this right for Boone County? Is it right for any Illinois county?



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