I remember as a kid having all types of fun in the snow. From constructing ramps to take the sled off of to building snowmen and little forts around the house, there was always a lot to do when it came to snow. We would never be confused for a general contractor but some of those forts we built were pretty solid.

Snowmen, on the other hand, were the same as everyone else's — two or three big snow balls, a couple twigs,  acarrot, and some of dad's charcoal. We did try to make a snow dog to accompany our snow man but we definitely weren't the most skilled snow sculptors in the world. These people are.

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I'm talking about the snow sculptors at Lake Geneva's 25th Annual Winterfest. Teams from all across the country will face off in the United States National Snow Sculpting Championship. Sculpting begins on Wednesday, January 29th with judging on Saturday February 1st.

The competition is open to the public and families are urged to come cheer them on as the begin to sculpt some amazing designs! Grab on the details on their Facebook page.

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