After a demonstration goes terribly wrong, a Snake Boot has been recalled by the manufacturer. Do you own a pair of these boots?

Imagine the surprised face of the CEO of Rocky Brands Inc., of Nelsonville, Ohio after a demonstration goes wrong. The Company has asked the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall about 1,800 pairs of the Rocky "Silent Hunter" Rubber Snake Boot after a demonstration on how well the boots work goes horrible wrong when a snake actually bites thru the boot and bites the model.

The company is offering to refund customers' money or replace the boots with a pair that hasn't failed the snake bite test. Would you agree to another pair of boots or accept to have your money replaced. Tell us below.

David McNew, Getty Images

"The recalled boots are 16-inch tall rubber hunting boots sold under the Rocky brand name. The recalled boots have a camouflage pattern on the outside of the shaft and foot," according to NBC News

"They had an incident where one of the contractors sustained a snake bite," says a spokesman for the agency.

No details are available on when or where the incident took place, or what kind of snake it was that bit through the boot. The contractor evidently survived the bite since most U.S. snakes are non-venomous.

That is the only happy ending in this business model.