If you're a fan of both robots and pizza, boy do I have something for you. It's a company in Illinois that's designed a robot pizzeria.

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First, a short disclaimer: I'm personally not a fan of machines being trained to do jobs done better by humans. Now that I have that out in the open, here's a company called Nala Robotics in Illinois. They have designed Pizzaiola. It's a pizzeria robot that can crank out a daunting 50 pizza pies an hour.

The Robot Report shared the announcement recently of this whiz kid pizza robot made by Nola. They say it is "able to cook up to 50 pizzas an hour, with 35 different choices of toppings and cheeses, five dough types and four different sauces". Impressive.

Nola Robotics in Illinois isn't the first or only company in the automated pizza game. The first one launched in Italy because of course it did.

Another one was previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show a couple years ago. Exactly how many pizza robots are there?

Mark my words now. I am predicting that it is pizza that will cause the robots to become "self aware" and then there will be a pepperoni apocalypse.  It's just a matter of when. Follow me to the human-made pizza if you want to live.

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