Do you know that it's been five years since the BMO Harris Bank took over the Metro Center and the sign on By-Pass 20 still says Metro Centre?

I had to laugh at this excerpt I saw at WIFR. Good grief, the sign hasn't been changed in five years!

To those of us who live and work in Rockford we pretty much don't pay attention to the sign. We all know where the BMO is. BUT, what about those not from here? Those that travel in for concerts, expos and what not? This obviously could confuse them.

When asked who's at fault, according to WIFR, the R.A.V.E. board quickly said it isn't theirs nor the city's but it's the state's, meaning IDOT, fault.

So what does the state says to this? "They didn't get a request to have the sign changed until December 17, 2015."

Hmmm? Ok.. So is it sort of the R.A.V.E.'s fault for not requesting soon enough? Or can we blame our pokey, bogged state government for this?

Oh and get this, now that the IDOT has the request they said it could be another three months before it's actually changed. They "have to decide what the sign will look like, then get approval from Springfield."

Well it's been five years what's another three months.

I still think it's funny. How many times have we driven by that sign and never gave it another thought.

Hmm, you know, now it makes me wonder how many other things we pass by everyday that are the same as that sign on By-Pass 20?

Can you think of anything?