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Social media has exploded. No, Kim Kardashian hasn't broken the internet, again. No, there hasn't been any identity hacks for your personal info, today. No celebrity cell phone's were hacked, that I know of. And, no one fake died on the internet. No, this time something positive happened. And, it was positive enough to get people's attention during a funeral procession.

The simple act of taking a knee has taken the internet by storm.

It's something small, but it has a huge and lasting affect on others. From time to time something like this happens and it takes the country by storm. The American people are starving for something positive in our news and in our lives. Which is why I'm not surprised at the reaction from these kids.

According to WAFB, "They took a knee not out of disrespect, but out of honor," Bienvenu wrote in her post. "There was not an adult in sight to tell them to stop playing."

This act was taught to them by their basketball coach. It all starts with teaching.

In the south we are taught to pull over when a funeral procession is going on. Not because you have to legally but as a sign of respect. Some places, if you don't have to legally, they don't stop. Disrespectful. Whether they're a member of our armed services or not you should always show respect.

Check out these soldiers for instance...

Now, I'm not asking you to get out and salute and get soaked in the pouring rain. No, pulling over will suffice. These guys were taking it to another level but I'm assuming it's because they were soldiers or veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Lets build off of this. Lets find ways to show respect to the deceased AND the living. Lets treats others better. Lets be better. Pass it forward.


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