Ever wonder if you're the only one skipping showers in the morning? You may not be according to this new survey.


A new survey by Procter & Gamble reveals that 65% of women say skipping a morning shower has a worse impact on their day than skipping breakfast.

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Other findings:

- 69% of people say their morning shower relaxes them

- 52% of people say their morning shower makes them happy

- 50% of women say their morning shower makes them feel attractive

- 61% of women buy fruity-smelling shower products

- women, who buy products for their scent are more likely to have gotten intimate in the past month (76%) than those who did not (68%)

- 54% of people take a shower to de-stress

- 59% of people run late once a week because of a long shower

Best advice I can give is to crank up Q98.5 while in the shower and enjoy. Simple advice.