Would you get one of these? A weapon that can be hidden in plain sight.

Its a palm sized pistol designed to look like a smartphone.

The company, Ideal Conceal, has developed a personal  firearm that has the ability to fold up and look like a smartphone. You can put it in your pocket or wear it on your best. The average person who spots it would not know you are carrying a gun as it's appearance makes it look like you are wearing a smartphone.

The cost of this gun is estimated to be $395.00

According to the marketing by Ideal Conceal, they say:

Carry with confidence, conceal in style.


This gun is not available in Illinois, yet and the the law enforcement community is concerned about this product. Illinois was one of the last states to pass a law allowing trained citizens to conceal carry.

The gun is expected to go on the market later this year.

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