I came across an article on WGN TV today that made me stop and scratch my head for a minute.

The headline reads;

Hmmm...when I was kid, I loved snow days and the free pass to sleep in and do nothing. As a parent, do I like the idea of my kids doing their school work from home when the weather is bad? Yep, I'm pretty sure I do, how's about you?

According to WGN TV, a school district in South Carolina is the latest participant chosen for a new eLearning pilot program which "lets students access assignments at home via Google Classroom with Chromebook devices. Students in grades 3 through 12 will be required to take their Chromebooks home to access the assignments."

Some naysayers of this eLearning program feel this is unfair to families who do not have access to WiFi at home, but here's the thing, internet connectivity is not required to gain access to the assignments. They can be downloaded ahead of time so the students can have access without being online.

School districts that are a part of this eLearning program say it is extremely cost effective because they are no longer spending money on resources like bus drivers for make up days in June that many students don't even attend.

Sounds like the Rockford Public Schools could really benefit from this program, don't ya think?

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