Around this time every year, I always looked forward to Christmas break when in school. That meant no homework. My how things have changed.

I was speaking to my kids who live in Central Illinois and they told me that they both have homework they have to do over Christmas break. These are not just unfinished assignments they need to turn in, they are full blown projects that will require a lot of attention over the break.

To me, Christmas break for students is a time to recharge, refresh and not have to worry about straining your brain. Now, I am sure there is a reason for all of us.

When I grew up, I never liked to have homework over break. Just let me enjoy my family and my new toys I received for Christmas. The whole point of Christmas break was to not do anything right?

Rockford area teachers, I am looking for your input. Is there a reason why teachers assign homework over the break? And as a side note, I want to thank you for all you do for our kids. Whether you assign homework or not, your job is so important and a difficult one to do as well.