Not far from Rockford, there are some places to enjoy short and beautiful hikes.

I really enjoy taking walks. I usually like to find scenic places to check out. Then I throw on some headphones and go. The only problem is I usually have a small window of time, so I need somewhere close and won't take all day.

Luckily, there are some recommended locations close to Rockford.

According to,

  • Starved Rock State Park - You can hike for as long or as little as you want to at Starved Rock--it's truly a choose your own adventure. There are canyons, waterfalls, and awesome views of the Illinois River. (Oglesby)
  • Illinois Beach State Park - This state park offers 6.5 miles of Lake Michigan shores for you to enjoy. Whether you want to hike it all or just take a relaxing walk over part is totally up to you. (Zion)
  • Matthiessen State Park - This beautiful state park will surprise you, as it has gorgeous canyons and waterfalls just like its sister park to the north (Starved Rock). Enjoy bridges, streams, and even prairie. (Utica)
  • Lowden State Park - This gorgeous state park is located along the stunning Rock River. People come here to see Black Hawk. It is the second tallest monolithic statue in the world. (Oregon)
  • Mississippi Palisades State Park - These incredible views are brought to you courtesy of the Mississippi and Apple Rivers. There are 15 total miles of trails which are broken into many more manageable small portions, (Savanna)
  • Castle Rock State Park - The rolling topography of Castle Rock is awesome. Interesting rock formations and ravines make this a place you will want to explore, whether you only have a couple of hours or all day. (Oregon)
  • Lake Le-Aqua-Na - With a 40-acre lake and 715 aces to explore, there is plenty to do in an afternoon. You can walk through the winding hills or stay by the lake--it's totally up to you. (Lena)

Maybe, you can check them out this summer.

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