The Chicago Cubs made history again as seven of their players have been picked to play in the All-Stars Game.

If this doesn't tell you the Cubs are hot and in high demand I'm not sure what will.

According to ABC7 Chicago this is the first time since 1976, that one team has over five players picked from the National League to star in the game.

The elected players are first baseman Anthony Rizzo, second baseman Ben Zobrist, shortstop Addison Russell and third baseman Kris Bryant, center fielder Dexter Fowler, along with pitchers Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester. Talk about a true dream team right!?

The game is set for next Tuesday, July 12th at PetCo Park in San Diego.

The Cubs may have has a bad streak here in the last few games, but seeing this ought to bolster their spirits.

All I can say is "Go Cubs, GO!"