This morning I came across and article about the new Kohler scented toilet seats.

Yep you read that right. No need for spray air freshener with this handy product.

If you think that's interesting, check out these cool home gadgets.Viral Nova came up with thirteen of the latest and greatest, must have products for your home.

Such as the Broom Groomer. It's a dust pan that will groom out your broom so you no longer have to pull the trapped fuzz and dirt from the bristles.

Or how the beer saver? Rubberized caps to place over your beer.

The portable humidifier is interesting. Attach it to a bottle of water and voila! It's a humidifier ready to go where ever you go.

The gadget that would be the most handy for me is the BiKN tracking device for your phone or keys. Do you know how many times I've put my phone down in the house then can't remember where and spend several minutes wandering around retracing my steps to find it. This would be so handy. Almost like a clapper for my phone. Ha!

Check out this list of the 13 must have Cool Home Gadgets here.

Click here for the Kohler Scented Toilet Seat.